How To Attract Women – Masculinity vs. Femininity

Today’s post is of great importance when you want to attract the most feminine, beautiful women out there. If you want to know how you can attract such women you must know the differences between what makes a man attractive and what makes a woman attractive, and why there are differences in the first place. Masculinity and femininity are bundles of character traits which define how attractive a male or female is. The more masculine a man is, the more attractive he becomes to women, and the more feminine and woman is, the more attractive she becomes to men. The differences between masculinity and femininity are often the complete opposites of each other, and that’s why they say: “Opposites attract”. In today’s post we’ll be going in great detail about the differences between masculinity and femininity, and why it is so important for you to understand the differences between them as they literally are like night and day when it comes to attracting women extremely well.

What is masculine and feminine behaviour?

Masculine and feminine behaviours are character traits that show how much of a man or woman a person really is. Whenever we say someone is masculine that person is simply communicating a lot of manly traits. The opposite counts for femininity which means having a lot of feminine traits. Manly traits are behaviours that mostly men have, and feminine traits are behaviours that mostly females have. Any masculine behaviour you have as a man will make you more attractive to females, because it shows them that you’re a worthy male to be with. The same counts for feminine women as it shows us men that she is a worthy female to be with. But why is that so? Why do females want masculine men and why do males want feminine women? Why does a man become more attractive with masculine behaviour and why does a female become more attractive with feminine behaviour? And why is the opposite true as well – feminine males and masculine women being significantly less attractive. It all has to do with genetic value.

Why masculinity and femininity attract each otherhow to attract women

Masculine men will always be very attractive to feminine women and feminine women will always be very attractive to masculine men. But why is that so? Did it just happen to be like that? Not really. It all has a huge purpose. As a matter of fact, because of this very purpose we, as humanity, are still alive and prospering today.

In order to fully understand this concept we have to dig deep and go back to the times where we were still living in caves and tribes. As you know, women have always had to grow babies inside their bodies. For nine months they have to be able to grow a child inside their bodies, while at the same time staying healthy and avoiding all kinds of risks for the sake of a healthy offspring. Because of the fact that women have to grow babies inside their bodies, they are more vulnerable since they need the vulnerable body parts to be able to do so. They grow less tall, have more body fat as it costs less but stores more energy than muscle mass. This fat comes in handy when females need it to grow other human beings inside their bodies and feed those babies once they are born. As males are incapable of performing such feats, they maintain more muscle mass and grow a bit taller, thus making them physically stronger.

These are the main differences between males and females which everyone knows, but they are of big significance for when it comes to understanding why masculinity and femininity attract each other. You see, attraction is solely, one hundred percent based on offering genetic value. The more attractive a woman is to you, the more genetic value she simply has. Nature is perfect and that includes us human beings. Whenever you see woman that turns you on, she’s simply showing you a lot of genetic value. The females who have been historically the most suitable mothers were 1. healthy – 2. old enough to be sexually mature – 3. yet still young so they would live long enough to give birth and raise their offspring. This is why physical signs of health, sexual maturity and youth are all parts of the concept of beauty, and all females who are beautiful possess those traits. Everything that is universally considered beautiful, and most likely everything that turns you on are signs of these things, such as a smooth skin, a symmetrical face, big eyes, round big breasts, lack of body hair below the head, a skinny frame with a narrow waist, or relatively wide hips if you wish, being both better for childbirth and a sign that a woman has not already been impregnated by another male.

Most males hold the false belief that females regard looks as equally significant when they automatically determine if a male is attractive. This is simply not the case, and that is why some of the most beautiful females in the world, such as famous models and actresses, are with males who are far from beautiful. For males, being beautiful is of little importance because babies do not grow inside their bodies. They also cannot give birth or produce the milk that infants need; only females can. Thus the state of females‘ bodies is vital and of great interests to all males, much more so than females’ personal and intellectual abilities and capabilities. Males who did not care about finding females with bodies suitable for bearing and feeding children would not have produced offspring who survived, so their genes simply disappeared from the gene pool.

A female, on the other hand, no longer needs a male’s body once she has been inseminated by his seed. Females do however, benefit from the male’s behaviour when they are pregnant, from the male’s support and protection, including his devotion to stay by her side during the pregnancy, the labor, and, ideally, untill the child is old enough to take care of itself. Since childbirth could potentially kill a female and raising young children in the wild is a full-time job, her offspring would have great difficulty surviving without additional support. The females who did not care about finding males who could and would protect and support them would not have given birth to children who survived, so their genes also have disappeared from the gene pool.

It is for these reasons, and these reasons only that men are attracted to beautiful, feminine women, and that women are attracted to masculine men. We are attracted to beautiful females because we non-consciously process that beauty as signs of genetic value for our future offspring. At the same time, the same concept will not work for males who want to be more attractive to females, as we do not have to grow children inside our bodies. Instead, males become more attractive to females with masculine behaviour, as that shows her your genetic value, thus making you more attractive to her.

How to attract women by being more masculinehow to attract women

Now that you know why you should do your very best to become as masculine as you possibly can be, that is if you are a man, let’s look at some ways to becoming more masculine. It’s really not hard – actually pretty easy as it is often acting like the complete opposite of what feminine women do.

First of all, it is of great importance to you to absolutely cease all feminine behaviour you might have. This includes: Nervousness, shame, being intimidated, being vulnerable, being indirect, emotional, youthful, scared, anxious, irresponsible, physically weak, etc. The more signs of these characteristics you demonstrate while being with a woman, the less attractive you become in her eyes as these characteristics only make a woman more attractive. If a man has any of these traits it tells a woman that you are not a man she could fully rely on. One exception is being emotional. As long as the emotions you express are not weak emotions, it does not have to be feminine. So emotions of happiness, gratefulness, love, etc, can still be expressed without losing your masculinity.

Once you you know the above, that feminine traits simply make a man less attractive, it’s easy for you to delete them from your system. In the beginning it might be hard to be direct with a woman, which means approaching her head-on, looking her straight in the eyes all the way, telling her you want to get to know her better because you think she’s sexy, etc. Sure it might be hard, and if you already feel anxious feelings coming up when you even think about it, I suggest you to go to my post “Why I started with The Superior Man“, and read the part about the comfort zone. As soon as you will start being direct with women, without breaking eye contact, being intimidated, scared, nervous, or anxious, you will be very attractive to her and if you do it correctly, with always a nice smile on your face, chances are you could end up in the bedroom with her that same night. That’s how to attract women! She might reject you, but something like that is inevitable since such things can always happen as she can be uninterested in you because of other reasons such as her already having a boyfriend. Even then the rejection would actually be a nice one like: “You’re so direct! I like it…. But I’m sorry, I have a boyfriend…”. That is the type of rejection you get when you are very masculine and are not afraid to show what you want, without offending her.

There are of course a lot of factors which play a role in your approach, and whether the response will be a good or bad one, if you adapt the masculine traits I explained above you will already know for fifty percent how to attract women effectively. The other fifty percent counts for things like: Do you break eye contact or do you maintain it? Especially when you’re flirting. Do you approach her from behind, touching her before you made eye contact, and startling her? Or do you approach her head on – making eye contact from distance so that she knows you’re coming and can mentally prepare. Do you look at her with a smile on your face, or do you merely stare expressionless at her? Do you approach her with a smile, and do you maintain your smile, or do you approach her without a smile? These things are of great significance for when you approach a beautiful, feminine woman. It has not necessarily much to do with being masculine, but I’m just stating it here so you can actually start and apply this information with gorgeous girls you’ve never met before, so that your mind will be blown away just like mine was when I got this.

That’s basically how to attract women in a nutshell. I will end this article with some masculine traits including examples. Make sure to communicate these traits as much as possible whenever you want to appear extremely attractive to women. Behave like the following, and watch your sex life become like the dream of self-killing terrorists, believing they’ll end up in heaven with 72 virgins, or whatever:

Masculine traits & examples

– Body language: Expanding your body, spreading your legs, sticking your elbows out, claiming a lot of space, resting your arm on the shoulder of a chair next to you or the back of the couch, maintaining eye contact all the time, and keeping your head high and your body straight.

– Direct: Approaching a girl without breaking eye contact, head-on, with a smile, and telling her you think she’s very sexy and you want to get to know her.

– Responsible: Approaching her directly, leading her physically by grabbing her hand, telling her to give you her phone number, advancing sexually, and initiating the kiss.

– Experienced: Taking charge, acting confident by acting certain by allowing uncertainty, and being non-emotional but rational.

– Dominant (but never domineering): saying what you want without being afraid for negative reactions, not asking for permission, putting yourself first, being selfish without hurting others, never apologizing unless you really messed up, persisting, and leading her.

 Confident: Expecting the best, not acting intimidated, acting certain by allowing uncertainty, being proud, not asking for permission, acting adequate and not inadequate, always holding eye contact, and saying exactly what you want, without being afraid for negative reactions.

– Decisive (but never controlling): Decide what the two of you are going to do, decide what time you want to see her, decide the table you’re going to pick in the restaurant, decide what time you want to leave the venue, decide when you want to see her again, decide everything! (But always consider her or another person’s suggestions!)

– Optimistic: Always expecting the best, being happy, persisting, and being in control.

– Ambitious: Only approach the most beautiful girls. (As this compliments a woman significantly, and at the same time you get experience with the most beautiful women, which is the best experience you can get.)

– Courageous: Being able to handle situations where others would be anxious (such as approaching a beautiful woman directly while her parrents are standing next to her).

– Independent: Asking her too many questions, being needy by calling or texting her too much, and telling her or making her feel that you need her instead of wanting her (wanting her is good as it is charming and confident behaviour, needing her is not as it is dependent and vulnerable behaviour).

– Flirtatious: Showing her you’re not afraid to go after what you want, looking her straight in the eyes when talking to her, with a smile and especially when you flirt with her, and checking her out a lot.

– Persistent (But never acting desperate): Continuing flirting with her even when she shows some signs of disinterest, only giving up after she has obviously rejected you, trying to kiss her again a few minutes after she has turned her head away (unless you really screwed up, which most often is not the case), persist opening her when a woman pretends not hearing you when approaching her, and persist getting her phone number even when she says she cannot give it for whatever reason.

 Protective (but never sacrificing yourself): Killing or chasing a venomous spider away for her, but never by putting your own life at risk while doing so, and interfering when someone is making a move on your woman – but not acting aggressively or intimidating.

Sources: The Manual – What Women Want And How To Give It To Them

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