How To Make Friends With Money

Today we’re going to talk about a subject which I just love. Money! This tool of life means to you freedom of want, beauty, luxury, abundance, and refinement. Not only does it enhance and fulfil your life, but you can also enhance the life’s of so many others with it. In this article you’re going to learn how to make friends with money.

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Life is designed to be abundantnarava-krajinskega-parka

First things first. Take a look around you wherever you are in nature and you will automatically agree with me that nature is pure abundance. I can literally name thousands of examples. The ocean is full of abundance of water, coral, and fish. The air outside is full of abundance. The plants live in abundance of leaves, branches, space, in fact abundance of everything. The gold, silver and copper in the ground are abundant and there will always be enough to serve humanity. I can continue with this forever but you get the picture.

The biggest miracles of life, yet most still live in poverty.

If everything in life is abundant, and I mean everything, how come we as mankind live in such great poverty? How come that the majority of the most intelligent species of the world, the biggest miracles of life, the most sophisticated machines of this world, are still living in poverty? How come that the majority of the most well-developed species of all time, who can build not only houses, cars, buildings, and machines, but also airplanes and space rockets which can bring us in a matter of minutes to the other side of our huge planet or into space – still live in poverty?

We have made the world so incredibly small with all of our inventions including cars, airplanes, and the internet. Everything is only a little bit of effort away from us, yet still there is so much more poverty in the world than there is prosperity regarding humanity. How come that the biggest miracle of life, the most intelligent species of the world, are also living in the least abundant circumstances of all life? Well it’s very simple.

God, or the universe, or whatever you want to call it, has given us one distinct feature besides the rest of nature. That is the power of choosing what we want. The free will. We have the intelligence to decide exactly what it is we want in our life’s. Here comes the weird part: We have learned to use our intelligence in the complete wrong ways. We can use our intelligence to do good or to do bad. To love or to hate. To enjoy or to resent. And also, to become rich or to stay poor. I can now hear you say: “Hey! I’m not consciously deciding that I want to be poor!”, and yes, I know that.

However, besides our conscious thoughts, our conscious mind, we also have subconscious thoughts, our subconscious mind. Consciously you might be thinking: “I want to become rich”, but subconsciously you might be thinking: “I am not destined to become rich” or “I don’t deserve it to be wealthy”. The problem with this is that whatever the subconscious mind believes as true is always in direct coöperation with what you do in life, how you react to situations, and actually, how you do just about everything. Your mind, body and soul will always act according to your subconscious conviction or belief.

I will give you 2 simple examples to show you the truth of what I’ve just said:the-placebo-effect

1. We have all heard of the placebo effect. The placebo effect, which is a healing done 100% by the body itself, is purely based and done by the subconscious belief of the patient. The subconscious mind accepts the idea of a healing because of the patient’s conscious conviction of a healing. The subconscious mind then brings about results in its own, most wonderful ways we people have not even come close to understanding.

2. The last time you had a nightmare, you of course just had a nightmare. How come then that you were still sweating, maybe screaming, moving nervously around, etc? It is because of your subconscious conviction of the dream’s reality. Your subconscious mind thought it was a real experience, and you believed it to be so for the time being, thus your subconscious mind acted accordingly and brung about all the typical symptoms you would have and express in such a situation.

Where do these subconscious believes then come from? How come that the most intelligent species of the world has gotten to start believing such un-true, negative thoughts? Good question. It all started the day you born. Yep, it started that very day.

We are born pure.

You know, we are born pure. And I mean as pure as it can get. We are born with no beliefs, no anger, no frustration, no hate, no negativity and besides the fear of falling and noise, no fears. However, the outer world has a huge influence on us, and especially the people we associate the most with. Since these people most likely where your parents when you were still a baby, it means your parents automatically transferred all of their belief systems over to you. Not instantly of course, but bit by bit for a very long, progressive period. Eventually they all sank down in your subconscious untill you were around the age of six, and you started to grow up into a small kid.

By that time you have adopted so many beliefs of your parents, or the people who raised you, that they have sank down deep into your subconscious. Now ask yourself: “What did my parents believe?”, “How did they think about money?”, “Was there enough money to enjoy life fully?”. If there was a financial lack in your early life, it can very well be the case that that’s the cause that you’re still experiencing lack. Not the lack itself, but the beliefs which caused that lack. You see, if your parents and you lived in lack, it is because of your parents’ belief system about money. And if you have adopted that very belief system about money (and all other beliefs), then it is logical that you will experience the same results as they did. If your parents were good in particular skills it is very likely that you are good in some of those skills as well. Why? Beliefs.

How we have adopted these negative beliefs.negative-believes

Now you might be wondering: “How come my parents came to adopt such beliefs?”. Good question as well. I believe there was a time in history where governments and people in charge started to promote limiting-belief campaigns. Claims such as: “There’s not enough to go around”, or “Money is the root of all evil”, or “If you have any money, don’t tell anybody”, or “Filthy rich guy”. I can continue but you get the picture. These campaigns are still running, it is only that the people themself now promote them. Why you might think? Because they believe them to be true of course!

These beliefs, which most of society has accepted as true, have to come from somewhere. Something else which could be the cause is that people have adopted these kind of believes in economic crashes like the crash of 1929 or in times of war. However, if you read The Science Of Getting Rich you read Wallace D. Wattles talk about how much people already thought in terms of lack in that time. Wallace D. Wattles wrote the book more than a hundred years ago so the beliefs have to come from something further in history. I’d love to investigate it and I think I will!

How to change negative, subconscious beliefs and convictions

The way to change any subconscious belief is to replace it with a new belief. Let’s say for instance that you believe strongly that you are very bad in playing chess. Whenever you would play chess, you’d play horrible. That is because your mind acts according to your subconscious beliefs. However, if you would practise playing chess five hours a week for a month long, your belief system would be altered and you would have different beliefs about playing chess. You would automatically do better. Of course because of the practice you did, but also, if not entirely because of your subconscious conviction that you play better chess than before.

The way you can apply this example regarding money is like this: Start practising changing your belief system. Do it the same way as if you would change your beliefs about chess, if you would be practising. Regarding money you could for instance look for nice, rich people if you believe that all rich people are bad. If you believe that there is not enough to go around, start looking for evidence that there is much more than you can think of. Think of the gold and silver of which there is more than enough of in the world. If you believe that money is the root of all evil, search for people who have invested a great amount of money to contribute to the world. Look for what good money has done for the world.

As you are searching for different evidence your mind will automatically start to find more and more evidenceregarding your new beliefs. Remember that whatever you focus on expands. Start thinking of new beliefs and the new beliefs will uncover themselves in your reality in the most sophisticated ways.

Rinse and repeat

The other thing you can do to reprogram your subconscious conviction or beliefs is to keep repeating a particular thought over-and-over-and-over again untill it sinks down into your subconscious conviction. For example: If you keep repeating the words: “You are ugly” to a person long enough, it does not matter how confident they are, eventually they will start to believe it themselves. This is the subconscious mind at work. This works all the time, at all places, as long as you feel the feelings of the words you express. If you simply repeat a statement without feeling, like a parrot, you are being very stupid because words have no power over you. Feeling does. Also, your subconscious does not understand the words not and don’t. This means that when you say: “I’m not a smoker”, your subconscious mind hears: “I’m a smoker”.

Direct evidence of this is the following: DON’T think of Coca Cola. Hey! I said don’t think of Coca Cola! How come you still think about it? Because your subconscious does not understand the words don’t and not. In other words, to your subconscious I just said: “Think of Coca Cola”.

The reason I’m bringing this up is that people who have just came to understand this principle will often start to keep repeating to themselves that they are not the thing they don’t want to be. For example: “I’m not fat anymore” or “I’m not poor anymore”. The reason your subconscious does not understand the word’s not and don’t is because when you talk about being fat or poor, regardless of your position with it, you automatically think of that negative state and your subconscious only accepts that what you think and feel. So if you want to not be fat anymore, say instead: “I am now at my prefect ideal weight and my body looks beautiful”. If you want to become rich say: “I am prospering everyday. My wealth is increasing everyday. All of my financial transactions are prospering me in all possible ways.”

At first your conscious mind will tell you: “this is stupid, you’re not prospering at all, you’re broke!” You have to make sure that you banish this thought completely out of your mind and give all of your attention to your new belief and conviction. Keep repeating the positive statement, about what you want, with feeling, untill you start to truly feel the feelings of having or being the thing you want to have or be. A good way of triggering those feelings is by visualizing yourself in the new, desired state. If you do not change the feeling of lack which probably comes at first, when you start with this practice, you have just made your situation worse because by saying: “I am prospering everyday” you actually felt even poorer and so your mind will take that request and bring about results in it’s own way. remember: It is about what you feel, not about what you say.

If you find it difficult to believe and think of the new positive thoughts because your conscious mind is too busy with your current reality, start thinking of moments in your life that you truly did prosper. It does not necessarily have to be money. It could be something as small as a kiss. When did you experience the results in life you wanted to experience? When did you feel amazingly good? Recall those positive moments and search in those experiences reasons why you do prosper in life and why you do live an awesome life. If you still have your arms, hands, legs and feet, be thankful for it. You are prospering in life in the way that you are still healthy and still have all your organs.

Ask and it shall be given you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened to you.”

Money makes you express yourself in much higher waysHappy-Young-Businessman

Money makes you express yourself in higher ways. A good example would be that if you love to play paintball, and you have all the money of the world, you can play that game all day long. You would express yourself more because that is what you love to do. If you love to publicly speak, money will make you able to get all the attention you need and will make you able to speak to bigger crowds. You will live a much happier life because speaking is what you want to do and you can now do it all day long, to huge crowds.

Money for us is like the earth for the plants. The more a plant grows, the more earth it needs for its roots. The more you grow as a person, the more money you’ll need to keep expressing all your growth. Whatever your purpose in life is, with money you’ll definitely get closer to that purpose. If you do not have all the money you need you simply can’t progress in life at optimal speeds. When you have all the money you need you’ll be able to do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to, and since you won’t have to spend any time thinking about money related issues anymore, (and believe me, people spend years of time thinking about money), your soul starts to truly live. Then the real you truly comes out and will express itself and your character in such a higher form.

Money gives you the ability to contribute to the world

Contributing to the world is very important for having complete piece of mind. The reason is that once the soul has achieved all its main desires and wants, it want’s to do only one thing more: Make the world a better place and let the world know that it has lived here. With all the money you need that is most certainly possible! You’ll be able to do all the good for the world – up to how much money you own. You decide! But you’ll have to have a lot of money since charity will definitely not do the job.

The nation and the people get wealthier when you get rich.

This is a logical one. If you make money it means you’re providing value to the world since our financial results in life will always be in exact proportion to the contribution, service and value we provide. If a person is rich it is because he or she has offered a great amount of value to the world, one way or the other. So if you get rich, it means you’re providing a lot of value to the world! Not only that, but by getting rich you promote the economy big time. You’ll have more money to spend, more businesses will make profits, those profits will be used to offer more value and so on. You get the picture.

And that, my friend, is how to make friends with money. Once you don’t have to spend a second anymore thinking about how you’re going to pay this or that, man-o-man do you truly start to live. If you know anything you can add to this article please do so in the comment section below. Also, if you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to raise your voice!

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