Why I Started The Superior Man

This is refreshing. It is refreshing because this is a blog post, or better said an idea, which has laid on my desk for the past 2 – 3 weeks and now I am finally realizing it. It is this website you are on right now. It is The Superior Man.

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If there is one thing I have learned over the past two years of doing heavy personal development, it is the fact that you should start a business or career doing the thing you love to do. When I realized this I already was in a business, which I loved to do, but I knew there were things which excited me much more. I am a born entrepreneur and I know for a fact that I will be in business for the rest of my life, and knowing that simple fact has got me thinking.

If I should start a business in something which I truly love to do, and if I will stay in business for the rest of my life, why not start my ideal business today? This is the question I have sat with for the past weeks and it is an easy question with a difficult answer. It’s easy to put aside your ideas. It’s easy to put aside your dreams. It’s easy to put aside the life you deserve and exchange it with a mediocre one. And most of all: it feels comfortable to do so.

The Comfort Zone vs. Risk

The reason why it’s easy to give up on beautiful dreams is because we constantly live in this thing called: “the comfort zone”. In this comfort zone we live very comfortable. You may not have the results you truly desire, but it feels comfortable. The reason why it feels comfortable is because you are used to this way of living. You might want to do more, be more and have more, but whenever you start thinking about realizing the things you truly want, a big uncomfortable feeling rushes through your entire body. It is your conditioning, your ego telling you that when you’re going to try to achieve bigger things there is risk involved, and where there is risk there is no comfort. It’s either taking the risk, or staying in the comfort zone, but to be at both sides at the same time is impossible, or the risk you are taking is way too small.

For example: Somebody starting a new business of his dreams but only invests a minimum amount of energy and time into it so he can keep working in his two day jobs, just to stay safe for when things do not work out. And naturally, your ego tells you not to take the risk, which could be a good thing but most often is not.

I believe this comfort zone system of us is there for the purpose of protecting ourselves for any potential comfort-zonedanger. If we live comfortable why go for more, right? You already live comfortable so why risk even more? This comfort zone or ego was maybe useful thousands of years ago, when there was no modern society and we had to go hunt for our food, and where approaching someone from another tribe could mean death. Yeah sure, if you have had just catched an elephant you would not go after another one untill you’ve finished eating the first one. Also, you would not risk approaching strangers because back in our ancient times tribes were very well known for killing any strangers they’d might encounter. In such times you’d be comfortable and you would not need more food or come in contact with any strangers, since taking such a big risk would be unnecessary.

However, in nowadays situations things are getting very easy for us to do, with so little risk involved compared to thousands of years ago, that the comfort zone is more of an enemy than an ally to us. You see, we reach a particular level of achievement in life, and then we stop. We graduate from school, find a job and maybe get promoted once or twice, but then we stop. We stop because we have achieved some level of success and we feel that going for more is unnecessary risk. The truth is however that everything in our lives contains risk. The fact that you are alive contains the risk of you dying at any given time. The fact that you were born contained the risk of the death of both you and your mother. The fact that you have a job contains the risk of being fired and the fact of having your own business contains the risk of going bankrupt (which in the case of having a job with that company, you going bankrupt as well). You can think about the last sentence for a moment as it could open your eyes about what is more risky between having a job and owning a business.

Besides, life is always in motion. You are either going up or down. Your knowledge in a particular skill set is either increasing or decreasing. Your health is either increasing or decreasing. Your relationships, seduction skills, economical knowledge, intelligence, and everything else, are either increasing or decreasing. Everything in life is in motion and always goes either one way, or the other. Once you realize that everything in life is risky, that everything changes, and that everything always is in motion, then you’ll truly understand why our (old-fashioned) comfort zones are preventing us from growing. You will realize that you should step OUT of the comfort zone at once, every single day.

Better yet, the risk of not growing is ALWAYS bigger than the risk of growing yourself to become more, and in the end that is what life is all about: Unconditioned expansion. I knew all the above all the time, yet I have not been applying it. I know that this community is an awesome idea. I also know that I am the perfect guy to start this kind of community simply because there are 2 things which I truly, truly love: I love to keep growing myself, regardless of how good I’m already at it, by educating myself on the 10 key area’s of life every single day. Second, I truly love to share that information with anyone to whom it might be helpful to!

The only problem with starting this community now, has been my comfort zone. Like I just said, this very idea, this very website and community was just an idea. An idea I knew I could realize, an idea I knew was good, and yet I have been procrastinating on it for the past 2 – 3 weeks. Why is that? It was my comfort zone.

My “WHY” for stepping out of the comfort zone

I believe that we, as a society, have been miseducatedMiseducated in A LOT of things. Since I realized that most things we learn are either false or irrelevant, I have been on a mission to self-educate myself with the best, most interesting material there is for living an exceptional, extraordinary and highly successful life. I have found that the following things all are crucial to the overall success of the average man:

  1. – Health (The most important one)
  2. – Relationships/Family
  3. – Business/Career
  4. – Financial success
  5. – Women
  6. – Spirituality
  7. – Recreation/Entertainment
  8. – Education/continuous Growth
  9. – Contribution
  10. – And the one almost just as important as your health: Balance between the above.

When I was broke one and a half-year ago, and I mean very, very broke, I thought that if I could just get to €5000 a month net income all my problems would be solved and I would be the most happiest guy in the world. Well, I didachieve my goal and I did make those €5000 in one month, and I definitely was incredibly happy, prosperous and alive – for a while. You see, when you achieve a big goal you have waited a long time for, you become very empowered, happy and joyful. But after a while you naturally want to improve even more. That is the natural tendency of life within you. It is the same desire the seed has to grow into a small seedling and to then grow exponentially into a huge tree. And so, when I achieved my goal, I realized that my life was yet far from perfect.

I had lost contact with all my friends, I had just broke up with my girlfriend and so I became single again. When I was broke and miserable I remember visualising going out partying with all of my cash and having the best time of my life. The money was there now, the time was there as well, however the friends were not there and neither the skills for making new ones. After being in a 1 year relationship with my girlfriend, and working on average 60 hours a week on my new business I had lost most of my social skills completely, and besides, my women-seducing skills dropped to an extremely low level were I could barely have a normal conversation with a girl, let alone with a gorgeous, beautiful looking woman. Right there, right at that time I had found another secret to living an extremely successful life: Balance.

This new idea could be… Just brilliant.7670264_orig

If we conclude all of the above:

  1. You should start a business in something you love to do.
  2. It’s risky to start the business of your dreams, yet it’s probably riskier to not start that business.
  3. Life is always in motion and we either go up or down.
  4. We all are miseducated and we should know better.
  5. I love to educate myself on the best, most truthful material there is to becoming the best version a man can become of himself.
  6. I love people, and I love to help them achieve better results, make them happier and feel more alive, prosperous and abundant.
  7. Balance is after your health the most important thing there is to life.

We can come to a lot of conclusions, but I am after a particular one, and that is: It is a perfect idea to start this community.

Not only do I love people, and to help them, but I have a big dream and that is, like I just told you, to become the best version a man can ever, ever become of himself, in ALL aspects in which he should be successful. Now of course you decide for yourself what success means to you, but for me, and I believe for most men, it is the above stated subjects. I will state them again:

  1. – Health (The most important one)
  2. – Relationships/Family
  3. – Business/Career
  4. – Financial success
  5. – Women
  6. – Spirituality
  7. – Hobby’s/Interest’s/Entertainment
  8. – Education/continuous Growth
  9. – Contribution
  10. – And the one almost just as important as your health: Balance between the above.

Think about it. If you would be incredibly, extraordinary successful in all the above subjects, how would your life look like? How would you wake up every day? How would you feel when you can do whatever you want to do – every single day – without having to explain to anyone why you’re doing so? How would you feel when you can book plane and hotel tickets for you and your buddies to one of the most awesome places in the world, and leave tomorrow? How would you feel when you can walk into a bar, or a park, or an office and be able to perfectly seduce the most beautiful, gorgeous looking woman there is? How would you feel when you would have all the time in the world to start the business you have always dreamed of? It feels amazing when you think about the possibilities. The most beautiful thing of all of it is:

It is all POSSIBLE.it-is-possible

Why is it possible? Because life is all about growth. Life is all about growth, but there is one big difference between us and the rest of life. We get to DECIDE about who we become and what we grow into. Our universe, or god, or whatever you want to call it, has given us the amazing power of deciding and choosing for what it is we want. It is the beauty of free will. Once we know what we want we can simply take a small step in faith everyday, just a tiny one, and eventually reach our goals. One of those small steps in faith is this very blog post. Yep, while I am writing this post this very second, nobody has ever heard of The Superior Man yet.

Nobody but a few relatives with whom I shared the concept with. This is a baby step to a huge goal of mine. And since I have plenty of goals to reach, and since I love to help people and share my experiences with them, and since I know for a fact that the world is miseducated and that I want to change that, this community is a perfect idea.

That is why I started The Superior Man. A community for men to come together, to share, experience and learn the biggest secrets, skills and actions to becoming a true Superior Man. A place where men wanting to improve their lives can come together and learn from each other to become a man who is confident, who knows how to handle women, who knows how to do successful business, who knows how to help the world and does so, who knows how to be and stay healthy and who has the discipline to do so. That is the man I want to become, and so why not share all my experiences, lessons and secrets I have learned over time with you and the rest of the world?

I think that together we can build this community into something huge. Something worthwhile and something which I know will be good. Ok, enough talk. While I am writing this article we still have a huge to-do list for The Superior Man. Let’s get to work and grow huge! I hope this article has given you a good idea for why I started The Superior Man and for how my vision looks for this community. Do you think our “why” is big enough? Do you think this concept is worthwhile? Do you think you can help us to grow this community into something BIG? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂

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