The Importance Of Personal Development

The importance of personal development is huge. It can change your life in such a way that you can have, do, or be whatever it is you want in life. Actually, it literally means the difference between an abundant, prosperous, happy life, and a life full of a poverty and misery. The reason is because personal development focusses on changing your thoughts, behaviour, philosophy and beliefs about the world. Since everything starts in the mind, and I mean everything, it can have a drastic influence on the way you do just about everything. In this article you’re going to learn why personal development is very important to do daily and how you can start using it so that you can have, do, or be anything your heart desires.

What is personal developement?

Personal development focusses on developing yourself to grow more, become more and have more. The word itself says it already: Personal development, or in other words: Developing yourself. The subject could be about anything as long as it develops your mind to learn new things. It could be a book on finances where you learn how to save or invest money. It could be a book on how your mind works and why it’s so powerful. But it could also be a book on how to seduce a beautiful girl in the club. All of these subjects are seen as personal development because they focus on changing the way you think, act, feel and because of that change the way you do a particular thing.

Why should we do personal development?personal-development

The reason we should do personal development is obvious. If you have seen our free video series which you can find on our homepage you know that everything, and I mean everything starts in the mind. It all has to start with a thought. If you want to grab a glass of water you first have to think about drinking water, and then think about getting up, walking to the kitchen to grab a glass, etc.

If everything starts in the mind – from the way we talk, to the way we handle people, to the way we do business – then developing that mind with the right thoughts and feelings is of course crucial. Besides, if personal development focusses on changing the way you think, act, and behave in a positive, new way – it means your results will also improve positively.

That means that if you don’t have the results you want, and it does not matter in what aspect of your life, you should do personal development everyday. Personal development truly does make a difference. Not if you only do it for a couple of days, but if you are persistent with it it can literally bring magic into your life.

How to do personal development?

Ok, so the first thing you have to understand is that you have to like or at least be somewhat interested in the thing you’re going to learn. It’s impossible to become an expert in something you really hate to do. You will never be good in something you don’t like to do so it’s crucial that you are actually interested in the thing you’re going to learn. Sounds obvious right?

So for instance, if you are living in poverty, you’d like to improve your thoughts, beliefs and skills regarding money. Let’s say you truly hate the subject of saving money. I would then suggest you to never, or at least wait with buying a book on saving money, even though saving money is important. The reason why is you’ll probably never read the book anyways.

There are so many subjects about finances, so what I would do instead is buy a book on finances about a subject I would truly love to learn! Think about it. How many books are there on finances? Hundreds, if not thousands. Simply find books which you think are really cool, or which you find interesting, and study those books. But make sure they develop you in one of the 10 key area’s of life! That way you’ll not only retain a hundred times more, but you’ll also start to really like doing personal development and that way you’ll persist much more doing it every day. And doing personal development everyday is the key to success as you’ll find out in just a second.

There are two main ways to do personal development: Reading and listening. I prefer listening, simply because I can do all kinds of others things while listening to an audio, but reading is just as important! You want to make sure you do them both, consistently for at least half an hour a day. Again, you’re going to study subjects you love to learn about anyways so it won’t be a problem for you to dedicate an hour a day to your personal wisdom right?

That would be only if you can delay instant gratification…

You must delay instant gratification!instant-gratification

You need to be able to delay instant gratification in your life otherwise you will not persist doing personal development. You can’t expect your life to change after doing 3 hours of personal development. If you won’t delay gratification you will think to yourself: “While I am wasting my time reading this book I could actually be chilling with my homies now!”. This is not the correct attitude because when you delay gratification to develop your skill set you will reach so much more goals than by using the same skill set you’ve used for the past 5 years. See yourself as a seedling. As soon as you started with day 1 doing personal development imagine yourself in the soil. At day 2 imagine yourself receiving some water. At day 3 imagine yourself growing the first small root. At week 2 start seeing your first leaves, etc.

The above example of a seedling growing into a huge plant is a perfect example of you starting your journey with personal development. With one small step at a time you’ll reach heights which are unimaginable for you right now, in any aspect you choose to develop yourself!

You have to do this persistently or you’re wasting your time.

The key to mastering anything in life is to do it consistently and persistently for a very long time. That’s how the pro-footballer got pro. That’s how Tiger Woods became the best golfer in the world. That’s how millionaires become millionaires. They persist in the way they do business, save money, handle people, clients, etc.

If you want to truly harvest the fruits of personal development you must inevitably do this day in – day out. Thereason why is because as soon as you stop doing it, you will slowly but surely fall back on your old habit and belief patterns. If you don’t keep educating your mind on inspiring truths your mind will start accepting all the negativity of the outer world again. You gotta take out the weeds since nothing stays the same in life! We either go forth or back, up or down, left or right. So if you don’t keep educating that mind of yours with positive, healthy truths, it will automatically start to associate itself with all the crap of the outer world, all the negative beliefs, all the negative attitudes etc.

Besides, you can’t get anything out of a couple of hours of personal development. Let me explain why: Did you ever germinate a small seedling? I bet you did. You have noticed that after the first days of giving the seed water nothing really had happened. After a week maybe a small root came out of the seed. After two weeks you would have a small baby plant. Maybe after 2 or 3 months it started to grow into a puberty plant. It is only that after one year, two years, even three years that the plant exponentially grew into a huge plant or tree.

You see, if the plant would have put months of effort into becoming a small puberty plant, and then suddenly stop with growing, it wouldn’t really have grown into its life purpose, which is a huge tree, now does it? The same counts for us. We can do personal development for months, and it will definitely improve us. But as soon as you stop you will fall back, and shrink again. You will fall back on your old beliefs, old thoughts, old behaviour and eventually you’ll have your old results again.

The results personal development can give youthe-results-personal-development-can-give-you

If you apply personal development in the way I have just explained you – your life will become a miracle. The reason why is because you’ll slowly but surely start to change your belief and thought patterns on the subjects you’re going to study. If you change the inner world, you change the outer world. And if you keep doing it persistently, the results will become better and better and better untill you’re worthy of being modeled by another person.

The results personal development has given me are amazing. I can wake up everyday and decide completely what I want to do. If I want to take a plane to Hawaii tomorrow, I can. If I want to seduce a beautiful girl in a club tonight and take her home that same night, I can. If I want to make new friends, find new business partners or start a new business, I can. Why? Because I have educated myself on these subjects and I now know how to do, be or have all of those things! There was a time however that I could not do any of the above stated examples. And you guessed it! That time was before I did personal development.

As you see personal development is huge. It is literally the difference between a prosperous, happy, joyous life – and a miserable, unhappy, frustrated life. You make the decision though, you have to do the work. It always starts with you.

You can find a goldmine of FREE personal development audio’s and videos on Youtube. Simply google for some big names (Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Robbert Kiyosaki, James Allen, Joseph Murphy, etc).

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