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I believe there is one skill all heterosexual men would love to master when going to a club or bar and that is to seduce a beautiful girl and to take her number, date her, and/or take her home. And since I have dedicated so much time over the past months on improving my game while going out I find this an awesome subject to cover. I can tell you already that how you look is far less important than how you bring yourself, but more on that later.

Build up your valuevalue

Before you can even think of approaching any girl you should be doing everything you can to raise your value in the club as high as possible. With value I mean your personal value. What kind of value do you bring to the club? How can people benefit from your presence? It could be traits like fun, positivity, social status, outgoing, respect, etc. Not only do all of these traits matter but it’s also important that you are not expressing any needy behaviour with women. Whenever you start to become needy, and I will explain in a second what i mean with needy, you show that you do not have plenty of women in your life and that, my friend, drops your value big time. Women want a man who is popular with other women. Women do not want a man who is unpopular with women. Sounds logical doesn’t it?

First things first

As soon as you walk into the club you want to make sure that you leave an impressive first impression. You can go out by yourself as I have done it many times successfully, however for building your value I would recommend that if you don’t know at least 2 people inside the club you better can take one or more friends with you. (Make sure however that your friends are cool and not cock-blocks since they can ruin your agenda like no one else.) Whenever you come in, walk and act confident. Not cocky though.  You want to walk in as if you literally own the place. Not with an attitude, but with confidence. What I love to do is as soon as I walk into the club, and there is good music, I like to walk while dancing to wherever I want to go to. That is to the bar, dance floor, toilet, a friend I see, whatever. You can do that, it’s actually very easy. Just walk on the beat and always make sure that you look confident.

Be social but don’t over-do itLocal-Social-Media-2-700x598

One of the best ways to drastically improve your value in the club is by talking with a lot of people. Especially with women. Whenever girls see you talk to another girl you will automatically become more interesting in their eyes since women love men who are popular with other women. This works even better if the girl is really beautiful. But talking with men works fine as well. The idea here is to show that you are not creepy, have some kind of social status and that you are a fun person to hang out with. Make sure you never invest too much energy in people who don’t deserve it. You want to make sure you never look like the guy who’s trying to get approval from anyone. Give people your attention only when they deserve it. When you’re talking with someone, and they seem uninterested or not bothered with you, end the conversation politely but immediately and move on. You want to look like a high status guy and not the other way around.

Huge mistake a lot of guys make

I see this happen all the time. A guy walks into the club, sees a girl, and he immediately focusses all of his attention to her. I’m sure you’ve experienced the same event just like me over and over again. Let’s put this into perspective: What does this kind of behaviour tell about such a guy? – How does the girl feel when being in such a situation? I have a feeling you can already accurately guess the answers to both questions. If you merely stare at her while you just entered the club, and you are completely distracted by her, reveals a lot about yourself. It reveals that you are needy; that you can’t control yourself, that you don’t have a lot of women in your life, that you are impatient, and I can continue going on with negative traits it can be associated with. You get the picture. Besides, the girl will probably feel pretty uncomfortable. It depends on how creepy the guy looks at her, or even worse; stares at her. Anyways I have encountered lot’s of poor guys like these who literally looked like hyena’s while checking the girl out. You can get an idea of how a girl must feel in such a situation.

 Other things to improve your value1362367730_bouncer

– If you’re planning on coming back another time make sure you give the bouncer a (healthy) tip. He will remember you and let you in without hassles and having to wait in the queue. Also will you be able to get to know him a bit, maybe talk a bit and doing that raises your value since everyone wants to be friends with the bouncer. Trust me, big investment.

– Stuff like being groomed, brushed teeth and smelling fresh are all obviously very important. Also use a nice perfume, but make sure never to use too much as it can appear feminine. There are plenty of choices but make sure you pick a good one. I particularly love the perfumes of Dior, Dolce & Gabana, Hugo Boss, Abercrombie & Fitch and Chanel.

– You can walk around with a glass of Champaign as it is the highest value drink in a club. Also a cocktail or any liquor would do better than a beer although this is definitely not necessary.

 The approach

Now that you have build your value up to the level where you look like a really cool guy it’s time to approach some girls! What you want to do is find a girl you want to approach and try to make eye-contact with her. Don’t stare at her though! You don’t want to look creepy. You want to look like an interesting guy who’s interested in her. Look at her every now and then, and as soon as you make the eye-contact force an IOI with her. That is an indicator of interest. The way you do this is as soon as you make the eye-contact you want to force a reaction out of her. You can simply smile, but please make it genuine. You can wave at her, you can do a funny dance or whatever. As long as you look confident, fun and outgoing it doesn’t matter that much what you do. You can even stick out your tongue or just raise your eyebrows. Whenever you do this she is forced to react to you. This can go positively or negatively. The most negative reaction you can get is that she will simply look away. That’s it, nothing more. The reason why is because you do this all from a distance, non-verbally. You still give her her space and you don’t invest too much of your energy in her. Also you don’t speak to her or you don’t touch her. That’s why the most negative reaction is her simply looking away. No one will be able to understand your non-verbal conversation since eye-contact is communication only understood between the two people making the eye-contact. The most positive reaction would be that she reciprocates your moves, whether that is a smile, wave, dance, or whatever. As soon as you receive any of these positive reactions you want to approach her as soon as possible. That means whenever the time is right. 9 out of 10 times this will be immediately and you want to approach her right away. 1 out of 10 times it’s better to wait a bit since she could be standing with another guy, being in a discussion withher friends or whatever. You find out when is the best time but make sure you don’t hesitate since you will not get rejected. She can’t reject you when she gave you a positive reaction because it means she’s interested in your positive traits or at least likes what you’ve just did. If you approach her in a normal way, and that can be with any sentence you want as long as it does not sound stupid, and does sound confident, she will not reject you, I promise. Just open her with any sentence like: “Hey, what’s up? I’m Sebastian” up to “Hey, you know, I saw you standing there and I thought to myself: she can probably use a good dancer to lead her on the dance floor since she’s not really dancing herself, so here I am!” With a big genuine smile. All of that and in between would be good. So that’s it! Now you can start experimenting with these techniques and try them out for yourself. Whenever you opened the girl and she reacts positively just continue on with the conversation with confidence and a fun attitude. Be masculine, lead her, be a gentleman, and take responsibility for everything that you do. I also wanted to coverdance floor game in this article but since it’s pretty long already I decided to dedicate a complete new article and video to dance floor game alone, so stay tuned for that. Oh and since there’s much more to learn about club-game I’d like you to add your own tips & tricks for getting girls in the club in the comment section below! We will all benefit from them. 🙂

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