The Law Of Belief – How To Get What You Want

Did you know that you can have, do, or be anything you want in life? Most people don’t. In fact, I believe 99% of the population doesn’t have a clue about what our beliefs can do for us. It literally means the difference between life and death. You can use your beliefs to live a wonderful, prosperous, happy life, or you can use them to literally kill yourself. In this article you’re going to learn how to have, become, or do anything it is you want in life. Big statement, I know.

What Is The Law Of Belief And How Does It Work?

The law of belief states that whatever you believe and feel to be true long enough, will become your reality. It means that whatever you subconsciously feel to be true in your inner world (thoughts) long enough, will always show up in your outer world (experience). Once you start to better understand this law you’ll see that this is very obvious.

For example: If you see a guy in the club sitting in a corner, doing his best to have a good time but is pretty uncomfortable moving his body to the music, and feels uncomfortable whenever a beautiful girl comes close to him or gives him any attention, it reveals a lot about his beliefs about himself. Let’s put it in perspective:

– Why does he feel uncomfortable when a beautiful girl looks at him, even though he’d love to get to know her?

– Why does he feel uncomfortable when he’s trying to dance in the club, while when he’s at home by himself he could dance all night long without any hesitation?

– And why does he hang out in a corner and not in the middle of the dance floor where everyone can notice him, since he actually likes it to be noticed?

It is solely because of his beliefs about strangers, clubs, but most importantly himself. The reason why this guy does not feel comfortable dancing or talking to a girl is because of his fear of failure. Where does this fear come from? Fear comes from previous experiences in our lives to which we emotionally have been so attached to that we have started to believe we should avoid or be afraid of that thing.

Something else which can cause fears and which is very powerful, is negative suggestions. A suggestion is a statement made by either somebody or yourself, and if you believe in that suggestion it has influenced your beliefs about that particular thing. A negative suggestion is a suggestion which can negatively influence your beliefs about yourself, or the world, if you are susceptible to it.

You see, if you believe you’re not a good dancer, why would you even try to do so? If you believe you’re never going to have a gorgeous, beautiful, intelligent girlfriend, for whatever reason you can think of, why would you even bother doing the things necessary to seduce such a quality woman? You wouldn’t! As long as you would believe that you’re not worthy of her, that you don’t deserve such a beautiful girl, or whatever other reason you can think of, you will never, ever have such a girl in your life, because you will never even try to get such results in life. And trying doesn’t even bring you far in life. Doing does.

You Never Exceed Your Self-Image. Ever.

Let me give you an example: You see a beautiful girl while you’re doing groceries. She’s coming closer to you, and suddenly she makes full eye contact with you. You believe you’re unattractive, not worthy of her, and that you’re a nerd. What would you do in such a situation? Even if this girl would start picking you up, and start flirting with you, you would just stand there acting like some cactus in the desert not knowing what to do, say, or how to behave.

Now look at it from this perspective: You believe you are a great guy. You know that there are men who look better than you, but you know that looks don’t really matter because you know that looks are not that important for men, behavior is. You also know that women want a man who is confident, charming, and responsible, and you happen to understand how to demonstrate such qualities. The moment you would see that beautiful girl you wouldn’t even hesitate for a second, simply because of all the positive beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

Did you see how many times I just wrote: “You know”? “You know” is just another way of saying: “You believe”. You may think: “But knowing is certain, and believing is not!” but then understand that nothing in life is certain. Facts always remain a fact for a short time. What we call a fact today may very well be called fiction tomorrow.

As you can see, expectations, beliefs, and knowing (all more less the same meaning) are self fulfilling prophesies. This law of belief works for everything and for everybody. I believe it even works for animals and plants, although this is just my philosophy. From seducing women, to finances, to recovering from sickness, to spirituality, to whatever you can think of. You can apply the law of belief to every single issue you have in your life, and I mean literally every single issue. The mind is such an amazing thing. It subconsciously know’s everything. It can do everything. It has the answer to every single problem of the world. The problem is, however, that we most often steer our intelligent, wonderful, magnificent minds in the complete wrong direction. Day in, day out, until we have successfully transferred all of our (negative) beliefs to the next generation, and eventually die.

How To Apply The Law Of Belief Successfully.

The way you use the law of belief successfully is simple. You simply have to find a way to believe the reality of the thing you want to be, have, or do. It’s not easy, but it’s simple. If you can find a way to completely convince your mind that you already do, or that you already are, or that you already have the thing you want – you are all set.

Most people, however, don’t have a single clue about how their mind works, let alone how to change their belief system. I know of 2 methods I have learned to successfully recondition my beliefs, and I will share them with you here. The way to successfully change any negative belief is to replace it with a positive belief. That’s the only way you can change a negative belief because you cannot just delete a belief from your mind without replacing it with a new one. You must replace an old belief in order to have a new one. Sounds logical doesn’t it?

The first method I learned to change my beliefs about myself and the world around me is recalling the most wonderful, positive, and successful moments in my life. If, for instance, I would feel poor, I would think of all the moments in my life when I prospered in any financial or material way. I would then find reasons why I prospered financially back then. Then I would just recall those feelings of how it felt to feel rich, having enough money, and being able to buy whatever it is I wanted. That would always feel so good, actually as if I already possessed that money again. Hold that belief long enough and your perception (belief) of yourself will quickly change to the imagined one.

Whenever I again would start thinking about my poverty I would immediately recall my memories of my prosperous life. I would immediately banish the negative thought out of my mind by saying to myself: “I always have all the money or material possessions I need at any particular time. It either comes from my pockets, the bank, or a person. The universe always takes care of me.”

That last example made me come to the second way I have learned to change a negative belief, and that is by repeating a particular thought over-and-over-and-over again until it sinks down deep from your conscious belief into your subconscious belief. Notice I said the word “over” three times. You really have to apply this practice with ultimate persistence or I can guarantee you that you will fail. You can’t believe one minute that you prosper every day, and the next minute say: “I can’t afford that, I’m broke”.

Remember that it is your subconscious conviction which makes all the difference and activates the law of belief. Not your conscious thoughts. So when you feel: “I’m broke”, you might be consciously thinking: “Haha, nope! I’m prospering everyday!”, but subconsciously you will still have the conviction that you’re broke because that’s the feeling which comes up when you see or think of the thing you want to purchase. The way to overcome this problem is to hold in your mind the thing you want to have, all the time.

You Already Have That What You Desire So Much!

Did you know that you can travel to any distant land in your mind? Did you know that in your mind you can teleport yourself to the other side of the world in a matter of a second? Did you know that in your mind you can have sex with the most perfect woman you have ever seen? (You should know, lol.) Yes, in your mind you can have, do, or be anything it is you want. Why not make use out of this wonderful tool called imagination, or visualization?

There is one amazing thing about your subconscious mind – or subconscious belief – of which I did not talk about yet. Did you know that the subconscious mind does not understand the difference between what is real and what is imagined? Yep, it solely acts upon whatever the conscious mind gives it to work with. For example: If you have a nightmare, even though you consciously would know that it is just a dream, your subconscious conviction truly believed it to be true for the time being. Therefore, your subconscious mind brought about all the typical symptoms and results you would have in such an event, like sweating, nervously moving around, screaming etc.

So if the subconscious mind does not understand the difference of what is real and what is imagined, and if the subconscious mind – or subconscious conviction – brings about all the results we have in life, and if we can change our subconscious conviction with visualizing, believing, and imagining, it means we can change our reality completely by visualizing, imagining, and believing the thing we want to do, be, or have long enough. Isn’t that an awesome discovery? I can guarantee you that this law is very true, and as a matter of fact: The evidence is all around you! Whenever you’ll start looking for such evidence, bit by bit will the world uncover more and more of it’s secrets to you. It is truly wonderful.

“Just Believe And Sit On Your Lazy Ass All Day Long.”

This is how lots of people think when they think of the law of attraction. In the popular movie “The Secret” they made it look as if the law of attraction will simply drop stuff out of the air for you if you just work together with it. However, in truth, we and only we completely use our minds to get whatever it is we want life. Yes, the law of attraction truly exists, but our minds work in cooperation with that law in order for us to get whatever it is we want. The law brings us opportunities and chances, but we still have to decide what we want, believe we can have it, and go after it, and we will only, and only do that if we truly (subconsciously) believe that we can have, do, or be the particular thing we want in life.

How you do the work is another thing. There’s a way to work hard, there’s a way to work smart, and there’s a way to do both.

So there you have it! If you apply these principles successfully you can truly have, do, or be anything it is you want in life. The possibilities are endless! But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at your own life, look at your own convictions, your beliefs, your opinions, your past results and situations, and then try to link all those things to the results you’ve encountered so far. You’ll be amazed at how much in your life has in fact not been coincidence at all.

“Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself. Life Is About Creating Yourself.”

This beautiful quote is from George Bernard Shaw and can give you a realistic view on what I’ve all just said.

But do you know what’s either most hilarious, or most sad of all? People who don’t believe in the law of belief never truly experience the beauty this law has to offer us! That’s why they came up with words such as: Luck, can’t, impossible, fiction etc. You’ll see that the most enlightened people never use these words. Ever.

If there is anything you can add to this philosophy please do so in the comment section below!

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