How To Make Money Doing What You Love

Making money doing what you love to do is one of the biggest blessings you could possibly give yourself. Here’s why:

Since the economy is getting worse and worse by day; jobs are disappearing, companies go bankrupt, and lots of employees get fired on a daily basis – every day more and more people have to figure out what to do with their lives. Some decide to get a new (boring) job and often take a long time to find one. Others start their own businesses but fail miserably with lots of new debt on their name. Others go back to school, get lots of new debt as well, and then fail to find a job. Yet, still others enter the criminal path and start making money in some illegal way (fearing the government for the rest of their lives). The fact of the matter is that however we’d like to see life; in the end, we need money. We can’t live a happy, full, prosperous life without enough money to buy ourselves the experiences we desire.

It’s Not The Economy, It’s You.

Besides the fact that the economy is going really bad (due to it’s foundation), most people’s mindsets are really messed up as well. Most people have a vague idea about money, what it can do for them, and how to obtain it. Nobody really has learned on school how to make money. Neither did we learn how to start the business of our dreams and make good money from it. We are all expected to learn anything that has to do with money from our parents, but why is that? Why don’t they teach you how to become rich on school? Well, the answer could be kind of simple, but to explain that is simply not the purpose of this article.

Not only are we raised with weird, vague beliefs about money, but we also have weird, vague beliefs about ourselves, society, and how we should live our lives. Most of us believe that it is a virtue to work hard as this is preached by society all the time. Well, working hard can indeed be good, but it is only good if you actually enjoy doing the work. You see, life is designed for us to be abundant, joyful, prosperous, and happy. Sure, life always has it’s ups and downs, but that’s simply natural.

We have been blessed with a mind to steer our thoughts, idea’s, and perceptions in any way we’d like to steer them. However, most people (95%+) simply don’t have a single clue about the power of their minds. When they get fired and find themselves in a situation of needing a new income, they can simply think of one thing and that is what everyone else in society does; soliciting for a new job.

Do you know what the results of most people look like, in any particular area of life? Indeed, they are very bad, so why would you ever want to do the thing everybody else does? You will always either fail or fall into a very average category. Who wants to fail or wants to be average? I don’t know about you, but I want to be extraordinary in everything that I do. Therefore, if we want to get ourselves an income which is worth a lot to us, and if we want to make such an income by doing the thing we love to do, we seriously have to approach such a desire in a very different way than society preaches us to do – since most absolutely hate their job. We should become very clear about what it is we’d like to do, we should become very clear about what we need to change in ourselves in order to reach that goal, and we should become very clear in finding out what exactly are the first steps to get there.

What Do You Want?

This is the very first question we need to ask our self’s with any single goal we’d like to achieve. If we don’t exactly know what it is we want, and if we can’t explain it in a simple fashion to someone else, we are not clear enough on our desire. How do you think you can possibly achieve a particular result if you don’t even know how the result looks like? You’ll never know whether you actually hit your goal! Besides, if you’re not super clear on what you want, your mind won’t start looking for it either.

Let me give you an example: Whenever you’re thirsty you have to set the goal of getting yourself a glass of water. Only after deciding what it is you want does your mind decide to do the necessary things to get yourself that glass of water. Only when you made the outcome in your mind very clear about what it is you wanted did you actually go after it. This is an extremely simple example but works on exactly the same principle.

Let’s say you want to make $10.000. Do you think that goal is clear enough? Hell no! Sure, it’s better than saying: “I want to get rich”, but the clearer you are on your goal, the better. Why? Because the clearer you are on what it is you want, the better you can identify it, the better you can recognize it; hence, the bigger the chances are for you to actually obtain it! Sounds logical right?

Very bad example: “I want to make $10.000”

Bad example: “I want to make $10.000 a month”

Somewhat better example: “I want to make $10.000 a month before the end of the year”

OK example: “I want to make $10.000 a month net income before the end of the year.”

Good example: “I want to make $10.000 a month net income before the end of the year by selling dating advice on the internet.”

Better example: “I want to make $10.000 a month net income before the end of the year by coaching men one-on-one on the internet to get them a beautiful girlfriend as soon as possible.”

Do you feel the differences in the examples? In the first example you can simply feel the empty energy to it. Does it actually feel good to your imagination and feeling when you say: “I want to make $10.000”? Or does it feel much better when you tell yourself: “I want to make $10.000 a month net income before the end of the year by selling dating advice on the internet”? With the last example you can actually DO something with it, unlike the first example which is nothing more than an empty statement with no feeling to it.

Understand that knowing what you want is the biggest, I repeat, the biggest puzzle piece to your goals. You will never, ever reach any goal if you can’t already taste, feel, hear, touch, and see the end result in your mind, and you will never be able to do so if you are not extremely clear on what it is you want as you won’t know what end-result to focus on. What does an architect do before he starts building a building? He of course has the whole building in his mind before he actually starts building it. He is very clear on what he wants, and he can actually already see it all in his mind. How did this article come to life? Did it just write itself, or is it written by me because I had a clear, tangible end-result for it in my mind?

Why Do You Want It?

After we know exactly what we want, the next step is to become very clear on why we actually want such a result in the first place. Knowing why you want something is even more important than knowing what you want. The reason why is because your “why” always comes from an emotion. Your “why” states why you want something, it states what your motives are for wanting something.

If you are very clear on your motives for reaching a particular goal (your”why”), it’s far much easier for you to achieve such goals, as the clearer you are on your “why”, the more motivation and persistence you’ll have to actually achieve your goals no matter what. Besides, if you know your “why”, you can come up with different “what’s” and “how’s” to achieve the same result you have in mind. For example: If you want to make money because your “why” is to provide your family, you could also find out different ways to provide them, however you only find this out once you know your “why” first.

However you look at it, your “why” is by far the most important thing you need to be clear on whenever you actually desire a particular outcome. Just look at it this way: If you want to have $100.000, but you are very unclear on your “why”, why would you actually bother doing all the things necessary to reach that goal? Only if your “why” is strong enough – for instance, if you need money for a critical surgery of your best friend – will you have enough motivation to do whatever it takes, and that’s exactly the mindset which produces big, profitable, and lasting results.

So now we know what we want, let’s figure out exactly why we want it. What is your biggest motivation to achieving that particular job, business, or end result? How would your life improve once you got that result? The clearer you are on answering these questions, the more likely you’ll be to actually achieve it.

Only when your desire is so big, when your “why” is so huge, will you actually do the things necessary to get yourself that particular outcome

Imagine yourself shopping in a mall. You walk past a vending machine which happens to sell water. Your mind didn’t even register it as you are not thirsty. In other words; your “why” to get water was not big enough.

Now imagine yourself in a desert. It’s 35° Celsius (95° Fahrenheit), you haven’t drunk water in 24 hours, and you are starving to get some. Suddenly you see in the distance a tree with cold bottled water growing on it. How fast would you start running towards that tree and get yourself a delicious water fruit? Only once your “why” is so strong, so huge that you’d do anything to get that particular result will you actually do the things necessary to actually get it.

How Do You Want It?

Now that we know what we want, and why we want it, let’s figure out how we want to achieve our outcome, and how we want our outcome exactly to be. First of all, you don’t actually need to know exactly how you will achieve your goal. This is actually the classical response once you start talking about big goals. A lot of people will respond with: “Oh right, and how do you think you will do that, dude?” However, a much more valuable question to ask is: “Why would you do that?” as this opens the way for much more “whats” and “hows” to think of.

Actually, regarding your “how”, you only need a plan to begin with. You definitely don’t need to know everything as to how you will achieve your goal. This will only make it all look much harder and difficult, as you logically only can think of examples you’ve seen in real life. The truth of the matter is, however, that life can bring you your end result through countless of different “how’s”. For example, if you want to make $10.000, you can make that through a business, the lottery, a job etc.

Therefore, as for how you want to achieve your goal, you only need a plan to begin with so that you can start now. Just think logically, decide what it is that’s most important for you to do now, and then start doing that all the time. I’ll use the $10.000 example again: If you want to make $10.000, and you’d like to do that through investing, you know that the very first thing you should do is to save money. Without capital you can never make investments. Therefore, as you now know the first steps to hitting your goal, you should start doing that immediately. Now, while you’re saving your money there are lots of other things you can do to increase the chances of hitting your goal.

You can, for example, start reading books on investments. You can watch YouTube videos on investing, you can Google for it etc. The possibilities are literally endless, but then again, you only will do all of this work if your “why” is actually big enough.

Once you know how you want to achieve your goal, let’s figure out exactly how you want your outcome exactly to be. This is is also a critical step as you definitely want to figure out how you’re actually going to experience your outcome every day. For example: If you want to make money by investing, you should know exactly with what kind of investments you want to deal with. You can invest in countless of different idea’s, companies, products etc. It’s important that you actually know exactly how you want to be experiencing your outcome, because otherwise you could achieve your “why”, you could achieve your “what”, but your “how” could actually be bothering you.

For example: Before I started with my current business, I did all kind of things to make money online. I started web shops, started blogs with the sole intention to make money, did affiliate marketing, and more. The point is, I did make good money eventually, but how I made that money wasn’t really satisfying to me, simply because I didn’t really like the work. My “what” was to make €5000 a month, and my “why” was so that I could live freely without any dependence on anybody. I did achieve both of them, but how I actually achieved it wasn’t really what I liked doing.

Some Final Thoughts…

I almost decided to change the title of this article to: “How to achieve goals”, but then I decided to leave it like it is. After re-reading it myself I noticed you can use this process to achieve any goal you desire whatsoever. However, I decided to leave it like it is because I believe that 1. the title is compelling, and 2. way too many people either don’t love their job, don’t make enough money, or experience both. If I could just change one persons life with this article, I’d be satisfied.

Making money doing what you love to do is absolutely a blessing to experience, just like I mentioned in the beginning of this article. The ability to wake up every morning with a smile, knowing you make enough money, and knowing that you enjoy doing your work more than anything else is just an awesome feeling to live with, as you’ll see your work for everything but work.

Make sure you get very clear on both your “what”, “why”, and “how”. You won’t truly experience your core desire if one of the three is missing. If there’s anything you’d like to add, feel free to do so in the comment section below!

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